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An introduction to our hearing services in Altrincham and Manchester

June 26, 2019

Hearing matters, for safety, communication, comfort and convenience, in all aspects of day-to-day life, and at Altrincham Hearing Centre we are proud to provide hearing services in Altrincham and across Manchester to help you hear better.


If you feel as though your hearing is not what it used to be or suspect you are suffering from partial deafness, we can assess your hearing and recommend the best course of action.


Our hearing services in Altrincham and Manchester include:


●       Hearing Assessments by professional audiologists to determine your current level of hearing.

●       Wax Removal using microsuction to safely and comfortably remove ear wax build-up and restore your natural hearing acuity.

●       Tinnitus Management including advanced therapies to relieve and mask tinnitus using sound therapy and discreet audio stimulus devices.


In addition to sound stimulus devices to relieve tinnitus symptoms, we also provide other physical products for better hearing in Manchester and Altrincham:


●       Custom moulded ear defenders and ear plugs for hearing protection.

●       Discreet hearing aids from a wide range of major brands.

●       Wireless accessories to stream live sound to hearing aids from electronic devices.


Because we are independent,we are able to supply hearing products in Altrincham and Manchester from many different major brands throughout the UK and abroad, giving you an even better choice of custom hearing aids and hearing protection products to suit you.


Our hearing services in Altrincham and Manchester


Good service goes beyond the basics, so we offer more than just what's listed above - at Altrincham Hearing Centre we pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive from customers for our hearing services in Altrincham and Manchester.


Just some of our extra commitments to the highest of standards include:


●       Free hearing consultations to decide how best to proceed.

●       60-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

●       Exceptional aftercare for continued comfort and satisfaction.


We work with a wide range of patients, from local families, to businesses that need ear protection in Altrincham and Manchester in general, to individuals like musicians and DJs who want to protect their hearing during gigs.


If you have noticed a deterioration in your hearing, if you often have to turn up the volume or use subtitles, or even if you struggle to distinguish one voice in a crowd, we maybe able to help.


You can call us on 0161 9891288 or email for a written reply. We can also arrange home visits and out-of-hours consultations if you need them, so we can get you the help you need regardless of your circumstances.

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