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Ear Wax Removal in Hale

October 24, 2018

Ear waxremoval in Hale should be considered if you are suffering frommild hearing loss. Ear wax, which is produced by glands in ear canal, plays arole in keeping your ears healthy. It has a protective role and traps dust andother small particles to prevent them from reaching the eardrum and causingpotential damage. Having too much ear wax can cause problems, and one of thoseis hearing loss.

Trying to remove ear wax from your ears by yourself can causedamage to your ears. In Hale, ear wax removal is best done by a professional.Trying to remove ear wax yourself by using ear buds, or worse, a bobby pin, cancause ear wax impaction. This is when the cerumen (the wax itself) isn’t pushedout of your ear naturally, accumulates and hardens into a significant amount inyour ear canal. Trying to remove ear wax can push it deeper into your earcanal, and there is also a chance that you could scratch the lining in yourear, or worse, puncture your eardrum.  AtAltrincham Hearing Centre, we understand the discomfort caused by a build-up ofear wax. We offer an effective and gentle method of removing the wax from yourear. Our expert team is trained in the latest technique of Microsuction. Thisis a non-invasive, effective, safe and gentle method or ear wax removal forpeople of all ages. It is also a method of choice when syringing is unsuitableor ineffective.

Ear wax removal in Hale is different to the more traditionalmethods of removing ear wax such as inserting drops into the ear canal tosoften the wax. With the Microsuction technique, ear wax can be removed withinminutes. To find out more about our ear wax removal service, or to book anappointment, contact Altrincham Hearing Centre. Microsuction uses a binocularoperating microscope. It allows for depth perception and magnification to makeit easier to look straight into the ear canal. It also uses a very fine sterilesuction device at low pressure remove the wax.  This innovative technique is the preferredmethod by both medical staff and patients for the effective removal of ear wax.

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