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Ear Wax Removal in Hale Barns

October 22, 2018

It is very important to arrange an appointment forear wax removal in Hale Barns as itcan cause temporary hearing loss. Earwax is produced by glands in the earcanal. It has a protective purpose to trap dust and other small particles toprevent them from reaching and potentially damaging the eardrum. The amount ofwax produced varies from person to person and usually comes out on its own Itcan become a problem if there is a large build up causing a blockage. Thiscould cause impaired hearing, ear pain or dizziness as well as itchiness in theears or ear canal. There can be a plugged or full sensation or pressure felt inthe ear. Wax can also cause ringing in the ear similar to tinnitus.

There is sometimes a need for professionaltreatment to the ears. In Hale Barns, ear wax removal can be caused by Cerumenimpaction which is a build up of layers of ear wax. The wax is usually clearedout of the ear canal by the movement of the jaws. If this does not happen thewax can accumulate until it affects the hearing. Always go to a professionalfor ear wax removal as the risk of damage to the eardrum by inexperiencedtampering is great. Using cotton buds or swabs is one of the worst ways oftrying to get earwax out o the ears. The bud normally pushes most of the waxback down the ear canal and can cause severe impaction. It can also cause ear infectionswhich can be very painful and require a course of antibiotics.

We specialise in all types of hearing lossincluding that which can be remedied by ear wax removal in Hale Barns. . Wehave specialist and highly qualified audiologists. Contact Tailored HearingSolutions today and book an appointment to have your ears checked and yourhearing assessed. We provide hearing solutions that are more powerful, preciseand user-friendly than ever before. Our state of the art hearing aids ensurethat patients receive unmatched technology and tailor made solutions to theirhearing problems.

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