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Ear Wax Removal in Hale Barns

November 6, 2018

To prevent your children from hurting themselves, bringthem in for a quick and efficient ear wax removal in Hale Barns. Youngchildren may not understand the risks of using a cotton bud to clean theirears, or they may find it soothing. However, using a cotton bud can push earwax further inside the ear canal, causing blockages that may hurt or causeirritation. Ear wax is a natural secretion of the glands to protect the earsfrom dust, dirt or even small insects that may penetrate the ear canal andpossibly cause injury to the eardrum.

However, some individuals may produce more ear waxthan others. In Hale Barns, ear wax removal carried out by ourdoctors is completely safe and quick. Gone are the days where by wax has to besoftened and then pried out. Now, we use a micro-suction technique which takesjust a couple of minutes to complete. If you believe you have an ear waxblockage that you want removed as soon as possible, get in touch with us atAltrincham Hearing Centre. We will carry a general hearing test and proceedwith the removal once we confirm that there is a blockage. If you have a childcomplaining of ear pains, or dizziness, or even temporary hearing loss, you maywant to bring them to the hearing centre first. Ear wax and ear pain are verycommon issues and rest assured that our doctors are trained and qualified withmany years of experience. If you believe you need our assistance with ear waxremoval, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We use the latest methods and techniques for safe ear wax removal in Hale Barns. Wealso find that micro-suction is a lot easier with young children. If you wouldlike to make an appointment for ear wax removal, contact Altrincham HearingCentre. We offer a free hearing consultation, a 60-day money back guarantee andexceptional aftercare. Besides ear wax removal, we offer a comprehensive listof and solutions related to the ear.

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