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Ear Wax Removal in Timperley

October 24, 2018

We at Altrincham Hearing Centre recommend our services for ear wax removal in Timperley. In fact,we strongly recommend you come to us if you think ear wax is interfering withyour hearing. It is frightening when we hear about the ineffective andsometimes dangerous methods some people use to remove ear wax. Some use aninfant nasal syringe with hot water to extract the wax. Candling became sopopular people started having candling parties to clear their ears. We’ve alsoheard of using hot oil, vinegar, or peroxide. Then of course we have the Q-tipdiggers. We agree with Mum’s advice; don’t put anything in your ear larger thanyour thumb.

The membrane over your eardrum is thin tissue and it protectsyour eardrum, separating the inner ear from the outer. In Timperley, ear waxremoval using many of the common do-it-yourself methods, is risky and coulddamage or perforate your eardrum. That leaves an opportunity for infection.Ears are self-cleaning so usually, unless you are prone to prolific ear waxbuild up, you only need to clean your outer ear as part of your regular bathingroutine. If you think your hearing is muffled or your ear doesn’t feel rightcome see us at Altrincham Hearing Centre. You cannot know what’s going on inthere and if you start digging around you could cause damage.

Before we undertake ear wax removal in Timperley, we are goingto perform a thorough ear exam. If we don’t see damage, infection or excessivewax build up we’ll likely proceed with audiology testing to determine hearingloss. If there is wax build up interfering with hearing but there is no otherinner ear damage then we have a quick, simple and perfectly safe method forgently, very gently, suctioning out the wax. We can see what we’re doing andthe treatment will not cause any damage. Contact Altrincham Hearing Centre ifyou notice hearing loss, itching or pain in your ears. Put your fragile hearingin the hands of our medical professionals. Suppose your discomfort is caused bya punctured eardrum that you don’t even know you have. That can happen. You ownministrations will likely lead to infection with the potential for permanenthearing loss.

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