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Ear Wax Removal in Urmston

October 30, 2018

Everyone has glands in the ear canal that producecerumen and this sometimes necessitates treatment for ear wax removal in Urmston. This natural substance is necessary totrap dust and other fine particles that could invade the ear canal and causedamage to the ear drum. If there is an overproduction of ear wax it can becomeimpacted. This can cause hearing loss, pain in the ear, dizziness as well asitchiness in the ears or ear canal. As the amount of ear wax produced differs fromperson to person and can change in output it can be difficult to know when theear wax is causing a problem. It is a good idea to get your ears checkedregularly if you suspect you may have ear wax impaction.

Never ignore any kind of hearing loss as you couldface a bigger problem when you visit our practice. In Urmston, ear wax removalis normally done by mechanical means where the chewing motion of the jaw worksthe wax out of the ear canal. However there are times when there is too muchwax or not enough jaw movement to remove the wax and it can become impacted.Wax removal can do wonders for your hearing but should only ever be undertakenby a professional. The risk of damage to the eardrum by inexperienced tamperingis great. Using cotton buds or swabs is one of the worst ways of trying to getearwax out o the ears. The bud normally pushes most of the wax back down theear canal and can cause severe impaction.

We are specialist and highly qualifiedaudiologists who will carry out ear wax removal in Urmston. Contact AltrinchamHearing Centre today and book an appointment to have your ears examined by ourprofessional audiologist. We specialise in all aspects of hearing and havesolutions to hearing problems that are precise and user friendly. We have aspecial sound proof booth that allows us to test all aspects of your hearingand to rectify any problems with the appropriate remedy. This may be a hearingaid or just the removal of ear wax build up.

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