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Hearing Aids in Bowdon

October 11, 2018

There will be atime in most people’s life when they may need hearing aids in Bowdon. Hearing loss is a very common problem andit is estimated that almost ten million people in the UK suffer from some formof hearing loss. There are many different reasons for experiencing hearing lossincluding age, prolonged exposure to loud noise, genetics or blockage by wax.This makes it increasingly difficult to communicate and can be frustrating forthe sufferer and those around them. The hearing loss usually comes on graduallyand is not noticed for some time. It may appear that people start to mumble orare not speaking clearly or it can be difficult to follow a conversation in aroom full of people and background noise.

Hearing loss has animpact on many aspects of a person’s daily life from home life, the workplaceand social situations. In Bowdon, hearing aids can frequently return most of aperson’s hearing allowing them to lead a normal life. It can be very dangerousto go out shopping or visiting on your own if you cannot hear properly. Youwill not be aware of the potential danger from traffic and could be injured inan accident. The loss of hearing is normally due to the cochlea degeneratingover time which is a natural process in most people. It will affect more thanhalf the population over 70 years of age. This is however one of the easiesttypes of hearing loss to correct with the help of a hearing aid.

 Our family ownedhearing centre specialises in supplying and fitting hearing aids in Bowdon.Contact Altrincham Hearing Centre today and make an appointment with ouraudiologist. We have specialised equipment to check your hearing and establishthe cause. Once we have found the solution to the problem we will advise whichhearing aid is best for your unique requirements. We are an independent hearingcare provider and we understand the impact that hearing loss hason your dailylife. It is usually your family or close friends who notice that you no longerhear as well as you used to.

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