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Hearing Aids in Timperley

November 22, 2018

As we age most people will lose some degree ofhearing and we can test your hearing and supply hearing aids in Timperley. The hearing aid is a device designed toimprove hearing by making sound audible to a person with hearing loss. Hearingaids are classified as medical devices in most countries. Many years agoelderly people were using ear trumpets or ear horns. These worked by collectingthe sound energy and directing it into the ear canal. They were somewhat usefulbut nowhere near as efficient as the hearing aids today. Modern devices arecomputerised electroacoustic systems that transform environmental sound to makeit audible. Modern devices also use sophisticated digital signal processing toimprove speech intelligibility for the user.

Being partly deaf is a trial to most peopleespecially when someone is talking to you and you cannot hear what they aresaying. In Timperley, hearing aids can allow you to once again take a telephonecall and chat to a room full of people. This may not seem like a big deal butfor the hearing impaired it can change a person from being house-bound to beingoutgoing and social again. Modern hearing aids require configuration to matchthe hearing loss, physical features and lifestyle of the wearer. This processof matching the device to the user is called fitting and is performed byaudiologists.

We are a dedicated hearing centre that suppliesand fits hearing aids in Timperley. We have very sophisticated equipment forassessment and a wide range of hearing aids to choose from. Contact AltrinchamHearing Centre today to make an appointment with our audiologist to test yourhearing. You might not have noticed how bad your hearing has become but yourfamily will have. We are a family owned independent hearing care provider whothrives on providing the highest standard of clinical expertise and customercare. We understand the impact that hearing loss can have on daily life andtake the time to fully assess and understand your personal hearing problems. Wehave a fully equipped consulting room with a sound proof booth.

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