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Hearing Aids in Timperley

October 2, 2018

Hearing aids in Timperley is one of the services we provide. We can assist you in improving the quality of your life by ensuring that you receive the right hearing solution. Many people do not realise that they need hearing aids, often assuming that other people are not speaking clearly, or the TV is turned down too low. Often, it is a close family member who notices the hearing loss of a person. It may be gradual, but over time, does become more apparent. To avoid further frustration, why not pay us a visit at Altrincham Hearing Centre?

We strive to provide a top quality service to help with your day to day hearing, and quality of life. In Timperley, hearing aids are available in a variety of different sizes, from different hearing aid manufacturers. We can offer tiny in the canal hearing aids, to larger hearing aids that are placed behind the ear. In order to determine which hearing aid would be best suited to your particular needs, we suggest a comprehensive hearing assessment. This will assist us to determine the level of your hearing as well as your ability to understand speech. Our professional audiologist will conduct an in-depth hearing assessment. He will also ask a number of lifestyle questions so that he can fully assess the situations in which you may have difficulty. Thereafter he will examine your ear and auditory canal, and this includes a video otoscopy. He will also conduct a full audiometric hearing assessment, as well as speech audiometry. Once the assessments are complete, he will explain the hearing test results and provide impartial advice on the most suited hearing system for you.

The most suitable hearing aids in Timperley will be provided. For more information about how we can assist you, contact Altrincham Hearing Centre. We are an independent hearing centre, and this means that we are not tied to or owned by any hearing aid manufacturer. It also means that we can provide top quality hearing aids. With well-known names such as Starkey and Phonak, our range of hearing aids is of the best, with cutting edge technology.

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