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Hearing Assessments in Lymm

September 3, 2018

It is estimated that around 10 million people inthe UK experience some form of hearing loss and need hearing assessment in Lymm. Hearing loss has an impact on manyaspects of a person’s daily life from home life, the workplace and socialsituations. There are many different reasons for experiencing hearing lossincluding age, prolonged exposure to loud noise, genetics or blockage by wax.This makes it increasingly difficult to communicate and can be frustrating forthe sufferer and those around them. The hearing loss usually comes on graduallyand is not noticed for some time. It may appear that people start to mumble orare not speaking clearly or it can be difficult to follow a conversation in aroom full of people and background noise.

If you find you continuously need to turn up theTV in Lymm, hearing assessments may be necessary. Identifying the symptoms ofhearing loss includes difficulty hearing people on the telephone and having toask people to repeat themselves.  Mostpeople will experience a certain amount of hearing loss as they age and this iscaused by wear and tear of the cochlea which is a natural process. It will affectmore than half the people over 70 years of age but luckily this type of hearingproblem can usually be easily remedied. There are a number of hearing systemsthat can bring your hearing back to a normal level once the problem has beencorrectly identified.

We are a family owned independent hearing careprovider who supplies the highest quality of clinical expertise and customercare. We have a fully equipped state of the art hearing centre. ContactAltrincham Hearing Centre today and book an appointment so that we can assessyour hearing and decide on the best method of improving your hearing. We wereestablished in 2017 as an independent hearing service. This means we have notime constraints per visit and can take time to understand your problems andanswer your questions in full. We are also able to offer a wide range ofhearing aids including the latest cutting edge technology.

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