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Hearing loss tips for Christmas

March 17, 2020

We all deserve happy holidays at the end of a long year, but if you suffer from impaired hearing, all the extra background noise and excited voices can pose an extra challenge over the Christmas and New Year period.


If you suffer from partial hearing loss or distracting tinnitus, here are our top hearing loss tips for Christmas to get you through to New Year's more comfortably.


1. Take centre stage


Where possible, try to be in the middle of the group whether seated or standing, and face towards as many other people as possible.


This puts you in the position where you should be best able to hear sounds from either side and gives you the extra information of seeing a person's face and mouth while they are talking.


2. Let people know


If you need people to talk a little louder or more clearly,let them know. There's absolutely no reason to feel awkward about this - and if you need them to repeat something, just say so.


Christmas is a time for friends, family, colleagues and other acquaintances, and any of those people should be close enough to you to understand your hearing condition.


3. Wear hearing aids


If you have hearing aids, make sure they are working correctly and make sure you wear them, especially if you're going out to a noisy place or spending time with a group of friends and family.


For people who don't yet have hearing aids, consider booking a hearing test. Modern hearing aids mean there is no need to struggle to hear conversations, television and music at Christmas - so make this the last year of that for you.


4. Ringing in the new year


Tiny in-the-ear devices similar to hearing aids can also help to combat the negative effects of tinnitus, so if you have ringing,buzzing or crackling in your ears, this could be worth investigating.


In some cases, tinnitus can be tackled just by removing wax build-up or treating other curable conditions in the ear, but even if not, a hearing aid can help you to ring in the new year with less noticeable ringing in your ear.


5. Take your time


If you're getting used to new hearing aids this Christmas,be patient. There's a lot going on and the background noise might be startling if you've lived with impaired hearing for some time.


Take full advantage of their capabilities - install the appropriate smartphone app to control the volume if there's one available and follow the instructions to transmit audio from your television or stereo directly to your hearing aid.


Over time, the background noise will become less distracting (and there's often less background noise at other times of year) but by wearing your hearing aids consistently over Christmas, you give them the ultimate road test ready for the new year.

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