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Phonak Hearing Aids in Wilmslow

February 23, 2019

Our centre supplies Phonak hearing aids in Wilmslow in a number of different designs.The Phonak hearing aid has excellent sound quality and is easy to use. It features the latest technology and can connect directly to a smartphone, TV or other everyday electronics to make your life easier. The unit is rechargeable and provides exceptional sound for better speech understanding in noise and reduced listening effort in ambient noise. In most people’s lives they are surrounded by sounds as there are phones ringing, birds singing, machinery noise and people talking. In a person with hearing loss this gradually diminishes but is often not noticed as it is a slow process.

Hearing loss has an impact on many aspects of a person’s daily life from home life, the workplace and social situations. In Wilmslow, Phonak hearing aids can frequently return most of a person’s hearing allowing them to lead a normal life. Hearing loss has many causes but one of the most common is due to age. The cochlea frequently degenerates over time and this is a natural process that will affect more than half the population over 70 years of age. This is however one of the easiest types of hearing loss to correct with the help of a hearing aid. Hearing can also be damaged by listening to loud music and working with machinery without adequate hearing protection.

We are a dedicated hearing centre that supplies and fits Phonak hearing aids in Wilmslow. Contact Altrincham Hearing Centre today to make an appointment with our audiologist to test your hearing. We have very sophisticated equipment for assessment and awide range of hearing aids to choose from. You might not have noticed how bad your hearing has become but your family will have. We are a family owned independent hearing care provider who thrives on providing the highest standard of clinical expertise and customer care. We understand the impact that hearing loss can have on daily life and take the time to fully assess and understand your personal hearing problems. We have a fully equipped consulting room with a sound proof booth. Why not try out online hearing test today?

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