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Starkey hearing aids are star performers

March 17, 2020

At Altrincham Hearing Centre we are independent of any one-hearing aid brand, which means we can bring you the best hearing aids from many different manufacturers - including Starkey hearing aids, which are among the most modern on the market.


Starkey hearing aids are true 'hearing technology', equipped with smart sensors, artificial intelligence and smartphone compatibility to track your hearing acuity, physical health and brain performance.


They offer much more than just boosting the volume of the sounds you hear, with a range of wireless accessories, apps and other features that will change the way you think about hearing aids forever.


Starkey hearing aids can compensate for a number of different hearing problems:


·        Hearing loss in both ears.

·        Single-sided hearing loss.

·        Loss of acuity at specific frequencies.

·        Difficulty in noisy environments.

·        Tinnitus, ringing noises and other phantom sounds.


They come in many different shapes and sizes suitable for everything from mild and moderate hearing loss to severe hearing loss in both ears.


As well as traditional behind-the-ear versions, there are compact inner-ear hearing aids for moderate hearing loss and invisible hearing aids for mild hearing loss that can nestle in safely at the surface of the ear canal.


Starkey smartphone hearing aids


Starkey smartphone hearing aids are some of the 'smartest'available, with the Thrive Hearing Control app for Livio AI models and the TruLink Hearing Control app for Made for iPhone hearing aids.


Both of these allow you to pair your hearing aids with your smartphone, unlocking new capabilities such as wireless control of your hearing aid's settings, plus the ability to stream audio directly to your hearing aid.


This allows your hearing aid to function in new ways:


·        As headphones for music and other audio from your phone.

·        As a Bluetooth headphone for streaming from other compatible media devices.

·        As a Bluetooth headset with built-in microphone for mobile telephone calls.


Starkey Bluetooth hearing aids are not just a way to compensate for hearing loss; they give you many more lifestyle features that enhance and go beyond the capabilities of your natural hearing.


The social benefits of this can be huge, allowing you to become an active participant in everyday conversations that you might previously have struggled to hear, as well as enjoying films, television and music at a volume that is comfortable for others in the room.


Over time this helps you to stay safe and social - aware of audible dangers around you, involved in family occasions and other events, and all while benefiting from the 21st century capabilities of Starkey AI hearing aids too.


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