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The latest in hearing aid technology

March 17, 2020

Hearing aid technology is advancing all the time, especially thanks to new communications technologies like Bluetooth and wireless networking.


These have allowed hearing aid apps to be developed that allow you to control your hearing aids wirelessly, using your mobile phone as a kind of remote control.


But these apps do more than just turning the volume up and down, as they can also allow your hearing aid to function as a media streaming device to play music directly into your ears.


You can even route your telephone calls directly to your hearing aids - so if partial hearing loss has made it difficult for you to make phone calls, modern hearing aid technology could be the solution.


Ingeniously, modern hearing aids don't just work as earphones during phone calls, they also contain tiny microphones to pick up your voice when you talk back, allowing them to work as a fully fledged Bluetooth headset for phone calls.


Wherever you need it


Wireless hearing aid accessories like SurfLink Media 2 plug into your television or stereo to stream the audio to your hearing aid.


However, there's no need to manually pair with the device every time you want to listen - just move into range and your hearing aid will automatically pick up the signal.


This allows you to have multiple SurfLink Media 2 devices indifferent rooms around the house, and your hearing aid will switch to the nearest device as you move between rooms.


If more than one person in your household uses hearing aids,you can all connect to SurfLink Media 2 in this way, so everybody gets the benefit of direct streaming.


Practically invisible


Modern hearing aids are tiny - so small in fact that for mild to moderate hearing loss it may be possible to use a device that sits entirely inside the ear canal.


The smallest hearing aids are about the size of a finger nail and very difficult to see once they are fitted in place.


For more severe hearing loss, behind the ear receivers maybe necessary; however, even these can have a very slim profile and have the added benefit of being easier to handle if you also have dexterity problems at all.


Together the options within modern hearing aid technologies add up to much more than you might expect, not only making sounds louder and clearer, but interacting directly with all of the entertainment and communication devices you use on

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