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Widex Hearing Aids in Flixton

April 4, 2019

Our company supplies a wide range of hearing solutions including Widex hearing aids in Flixton. We select the best hearing aid for your individual requirements. Widex has a number of benefits which include a system to directly stream the sound from the TV directly to your ears. The units are small and easily concealed and combine functionality with aesthetics to make a perfect aid for improving your hearing. They provide a superior sound in a discreet custom made device that fits perfectly in your ear. The device can also be configured using and Android or iPhone app and lets you design your own hearing experience and offers you connectivity at any time. It also has a system to allow you to stream sound from your smartphone directly to your hearing aid which lets you hold a conversation in a noisy environment.

As we age most people will lose some degree of hearing. In Flixton, Widex hearing aids are comfortable to wear and offer greatly improved hearing. Being partially deaf is a trial to most people especially when someone is talking to you and you cannot hear what they are saying. This is often better than your natural hearing at a much younger age. Many years ago elderly people were using ear trumpets or ear horns. These worked by collecting the sound energy and directing it into the ear canal. They were somewhat useful but nowhere near as efficient as the hearing aids today. Modern devices are computerised electroacoustic systems that transform environmental sound to make it audible.

Our clinic takes pride in helping people to hear again using Widex hearing aids in Flixton. Contact Altrincham Hearing Centre today to make an appointment to see our highly qualified audiologist. Our specialist will test your hearing and ascertain the reason for your hearing loss. There may be a simple physical reason like a wax build up or it may be a deterioration of the cochlea A wax build up can be easily remedied by removal of the wax but deterioration of the cochlea will require a hearing aid. We run a state of the art hearing centre with all the necessary equipment to ensure the most thorough examination available. Why not try our online hearing test today?

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