Hearing aids today aren’t the same bulky contraptions your grandmother wore. Hearing aids are smaller, have better battery life, and have many more capabilities. One additional capability is hands-free phone calls. You might be questioning why hands-free phone calls would be important to add to the functionality of hearing aids, but our lives revolve around the use of our phones for directions, entertainment, and socialisation.

Advantages of Hands-Free Phone Calls Using Your Hearing Aids

Hands-Free Driving

Countries worldwide are adopting laws that make talking on the phone while driving illegal. Experts have often said that talking on the phone while driving impairs the driver. Phone companies, car producers, and hearing aid makers came up with the solution to make phone calls hands-free.

Hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities allow you to follow the law. You can easily make phone calls while driving, keep your attention on the road, and keep your hands on the wheel. Experts are still debating if hands-free calls reduce distracted driving or not.

Hands are Free to Do Other Tasks

Hands-free phone calls using Bluetooth capabilities keep your hands available for more important tasks like grocery shopping or chasing down your children or grandchildren at the park. Having a hand occupied by a phone makes tasks more difficult.

Using the hands-free feature of your hearing aids reduces the chance of dropping your phone. Mobile phones have never liked being dropped, and doing so often makes the devices malfunction, crack, or ultimately die. If you have Bluetooth hearing aids, you can set your phone in a safe place while you do other things.

No Tricky Business

Once you get your hearing aids connected to your phone and learn how to make a call, things become a breeze. You don’t have to switch out a hearing aid for another Bluetooth device, such as an earbud. You also don’t have to put your phone on speaker, hold it up to your ear, and angle it just right to avoid feedback.

You will need to learn how to connect your hearing aids to your phone and make calls. However, those tasks are generally easy once you figure out the right steps, and your hearing aid specialist can aid you in the setup.

Keep Your Hands Free and Your Hearing Sharp

Hearing aids have advanced in many ways; the devices used to be bulky and only had one function. Now hearing aids can help you make hands-free phone calls in addition to hearing better.

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