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Phonak Audeo Life P90

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Product Description:

The Phonak Audeo Life hearing aids are the world's first waterproof rechargeable hearing aids in the industry. We think these hearing aids will be popular with people who enjoy sport and travel. The Phonak Audeo Life P90 is the premium level of technology in this hearing aid range. This Phonak waterproof hearing aid compromises of a Parylene coating enabling the device to be waterproof, sweatproof and showerproof. A sealed and tougher hearing solution that supplies waterproof benefits up to 50cm of water. So effectively, this hearing aid is ideal for those with an active lifestyle and hobbies. Giving you premium sound, power and the ability to keep up with the pressure of high-intensity sports. You can also look forward to hands-free calls, accessing features like voice assistants with tap control, benefiting from motion sensor technology and now a durable waterproof Parylene coating with Audeo Life's advanced Bluetooth. This hearing aid range is a rechargeable RIC device and includes proven Lithium-ion technology, which means you can look forward to roughly 16 hours of power in one charge (this is based on 8 hours of listening usage, 4 hours of streaming and 4 hours of TV streaming).

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