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Starkey Evolv AI 2400

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Product Description:

Evolv AI hearing aids boast our most exceptional Starkey Sound yet. With up to 55 million personalized adjustments every hour. Comprising innovative hearing technology, connectivity and personalisation – Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids are created to adapt to your needs and lifestyle. The Starkey Evolv AI 2400 hearing aid is the top or premium technology level in this range and offers a full feature specification. This means you will benefit from more filters and programs and the most processing channels that will give you a great level of sound quality in all listening environments. For example, you can enjoy a better listening experience at outdoor events, in busy restaurants, at live concerts, at social gatherings and more. This Starkey Sound is based on scientific algorithms that are modelled by your brain's auditory system - giving you optimum sound. This hearing aid also offers you Starkey's most advanced connectivity to date with better connection, improved Android connectivity to allow for greater sound, a greater level of audio streaming and the freedom to explore their accessories range.

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